What do we all want? We want courage.

Courage is required at every step of our life. With every goal and task we undertake. If we don’t have courage, what do we have? Fear. Fear is that what stops us, what paralyses us and changes our response to situations. If we are governed by fears, by limitations derived from fear, how can we achieve what we wish to achieve? In fact it’s not our abilities, but our emotions that are going to undermine our success. What if we can clear out the past, learn to notice as these emotions come on, and learn how to let them not overtake us, but instead learn how to let them go. If our minds are clear, if we are not overcome by emotions, wouldn’t we perform better! 

We often hear that to achieve something we just have to wish really hard for it, and if we wish really hard for it it will come. And everyone actually knows that this is far from the truth. No goal, no wish is ever guaranteed. What can be guaranteed then? Definitely, your wishing, definitely your aspiration, definitely your motivation, and definitely your actions. At least if you get these steps right, you keep your actions going, your to do lists, you go outside of your normal comfort zone, or you go beyond your comfort zone, you widen your comfort zone, at least you can tell yourself you have done it all for this moment. Later on you can reevaluate - can I do anything more, what more could I do? Keep it lighthearted and humorous. At the same time, if we don’t take actions, our goals will remain at the level of wishes. Things don’t come out of nothing. We all know that. They come from taking steps, meeting someone, from doing something, from learning something, from putting all of these things together.

So why don’t we just set the goals and achieve them? There are many reasons for that. And one of the major reasons is always fear. Fear is the fundamental simple problem that stops us from taking actions, from taking steps, from writing those letters, following the to do lists, going and speaking to someone we would like to, or even just having that dream. Sometimes we are fearful to dream far enough, or big enough, or brave enough. So fear is the show stopper. Fear is an emotion, it’s a very powerful emotion. It also comes in different shades of disguises of different intensities. It manifests as resistance to doing something or talking to someone, or being someone. 

Traditional coaching model looks at goals in a very straightforward manner. You have your vision, you have your goals, and then you outline your actions and you will be held accountable by your coach for taking them. That’s all well and good, but what if your emotions are in the way? 
And they will be in the way, they are in the way. They have been in the way, otherwise, why would you need a coach?

It is very important for a coach to have mastered some mind techniques to help you overcome emotions so that you could take those steps. So you can be confident and happy about it, be fearless enough to take your goal to the next step. 

The best techniques will help you remove fears, clean them out, let go of all your past failures, let go of all of your inhibitions, let go of all your perceptions of inadequacy, let go of emotions like anger, pride, jealousy. All this garbage stands in the way of happiness, confidence taking steps being creative and courageous. It’s essential to clean out that baggage out of your mind and out of your body.  The body does store all the traumatic memories and negative emotions in the muscles and so on. 

The best coach would be skilful enough to help you clean that out, rather than suppressing these negativities with something positive, and this doesn’t last. This is what motivational speakers do, they come and energise you and this charge will last for some time. And then you slip back to your previous thinking as the charge ran out. 

Our mind is  is like this anyway - nothing lasts in it, mind is always changing which is good news. Otherwise we would never be able to improve and evolve. Nothing bad lasts for too long and nothing good lasts for too long either - the mind is ever changing. 

The point is - we want to discover natural confidence, natural happiness, natural abilities that sit within each and everyone of us. That is done by uncovering them, rather than obtaining them from external environment. We basically need to eliminate our insecurities to discover our great qualities.

And the more we do that the more we discover the joy, the energy, the happiness, the strength, the perseverance which are all necessary for us to do what we wish to do, but also to be better humans, happier people and be ok with ourselves as we are, which is an incredibly important thing. This is the foundation of happiness and good health.

I therefore would like to invite you on the journey of self-discovery and self-mastery to set your life’s intentions and vision, and your personal definition of your success, happiness and abundance, as well as to create the goals that stem from your definition, come up with the knowable at this point in time, with action steps and to take and eliminate the fears and resistance to taking those. 

Also it is the right time to examine if one is deficient in knowledge in any way. Sometimes we think that if we only do such and such the results should come, which comes from our own limited perception. What we may forget is that we need to invoke other’s help, we could study, we could read and we could go and get experience somewhere. We could ask our friends and family to help us come up with some more action steps and really greatly improve our chances to succeed. We could find mentors. We could ask ourselves a question if there is something else I can do? Is there something I would be afraid to do? What would it be? 

There are many ways of playing with our mind and helping free it from its limitations and discover the more free, happy, enjoyable and content way of being and functioning in life. This is what the methods like Open Focus(TM) allow us to do.

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