MENTAL YOGA is another name for mind techniques. How does that help you? By training to be aware of thoughts, emotions and sensations and letting them come and go without interfering, and going beyond them all, you empower yourself mentally and physically to lead a more successful and less stressful life. Join us on the path to self mastery. -ELVIRA BYRNES

About Elvira Byrnes

Hi, I am an international Success Coach working with Open Focus and other mind techniques.

Much of what you can't do is in your mind:

*How do you plan to achieve your goals?

*Are your actions hampered or stopped by emotions?

*Need to overcome fear, anxiety, self-defeating thinking?

*Would you like to let go of past failures and future failure projections?​

Do it with ease in our coaching sessions and become the best you.

I am particularly happy to work with you on:

*setting smart goals 

*boosting self esteem 

*improving sports performance 

*getting confident in public speaking

*clearing exam jitters, phobias, anxiety, PTSD, depression, limiting beliefs 


*Clearing out the past to attain more abundance, money, time, clarity, energy, happiness; 

*Break through a chronic low state

*Let go of painful memories, dramas, beliefs, limitations, labels and identities

It sets you free, allows the awareness to shine and gives clarity to achieve more money, success, happiness, health.

As a coach working with mind methods, I help take the emotions out of the game.​What is left? Ease, flow, courage. 

My passion is to help you truly flourish in all your endeavours, and my view and experience is that your Awareness with guidance can let go of absolutely everything, and allow you to shine and experience life fully . 

  • Clear out the past to attain more abundance, money, time, clarity, energy, happiness
  • Break through a chronic low state
  • Let go of painful memories, dramas, beliefs, limitations, labels and identities - it sets you free, allows the awareness to shine and gives clarity to achieve more money, success, happiness, health
  • Work with goals - do you have goals but feel you can’t achieve them? Work on wording them and taking actions
  • Uncover and developing your talents - are you a performer, speaker, artist of any kind needing confidence and courage?
  • Help with specific performance needs for work and business etc. - e.g. improve plane landing ability, cleanup of relationships​
  • Your money beliefs and how to get past them


The Marketing Seminar - Seth Godin
Sports Psychology Course - Rajasthan Royals
Open Focus Training - Certified Open Focus Coach Certificate IV in Life Coaching
The Sedona Method Facilitator Training
​Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT
Bachelor of Education - English, Linguistics, PsychologyAdvanced Diploma of Acupuncture 
Diploma In Computer Studies
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
Qigong Exercise Teacher Certificate
Certificat IV in Group Exercise
Mind Studies of Various Traditions
Qigong Teacher Certificate
Non-duality studies


Personal - Open Focus Training, since 2019
​Personal - EFT since 2004 
Personal  - The Sedona Method practice since 2004
Personal -  qigong practice and teaching since 2003
Personal - meditation practice since 2003
Running my own acupuncture practice for 3 years
Emotional Freedom Techniques work with past traumas
Running a non-profit meditation centre for 4 years
15 years of corporate world - IT, IT Sales
20 years studying and practicing spirituality
Personal -  meditation retreats