Success Stories

"For my emotional support I have you" -K, USA

Achieving Goals and Freedom - Family Relationships, Business, Female Empowerment

"How can you really explain in words when someone makes a huge impact on your life? How can you really portray when someone touches your life on so many levels that it turns around to become something you have read about but never experienced? How can you convey emotions like : freedom, ease, joy , lightness, compassion? How can you conceptualize something you have taken apart and moved beyond any concepts?

Having worked with Elvira has made a huge difference in my life. Basically night and day. My life changed to one of problems and fear to become one of lightness and laughter. Things that I have always wanted just started to happen. My fears melted away and an ease became more apparent in all areas of my life.

Elvira helped me  let go of   my core issues . She  helped me move beyond them and to really see what was here and now. I felt really blessed having such clarity in my everyday. Where heaviness and worry used to doge me, now I had ease and flow. Things that I had always wanted started to happen. I couldn’t believe how easy it was. How easily everything changed for the better. In just a short period of time ,Elvira helped me move from being overworked and hesitant to being calm, strong and effective in my day to day work.

I feel really lucky to have had such guidance and help . I feel really blessed to have been given to understand about how I had limited things because of my beliefs and fears. I believe that her compassion, patience , persistence and her whole hearted support made a huge difference in my life in all areas. I would like to thank you , Elvira , for everything you have done. For your patience and support and especially for your laughter. And how can I ever thank you for helping me get my life long dreams. ~Ema, Greece

Anxiety Gone - Female Empowerment, Work Progress, Achieving Goals
"When I started coaching sessions with  Elvira, I was 9 month into weekly therapy with a sought after psychotherapist. My therapy gave me a lot of insights, however, I was still struggling with anxiety. I would have days of extreme tension when my body would shake and I could not function. 
Elvira helped me process and release all that heaviness. 

In a few weeks I started seeing my reality shift and new strength in me to cope with daily challenges with new, more effective behaviors. In a few months I was in a place of being excited to see how my week would unfold as a result of couching session with Elvira. Being excited about your life is priceless in itself!!

Once I resolved my disturbing anxiety we worked on goals busting off more fear and unconscious baggage. I achieved my goals!! After 9 months of coaching I let go of my therapist, something I thought would not happen for years!!!

My most recent experience: I received a tax bill of about $5900 for something very old. It brought up a lot of tension. The tension was so uncomfortable that I just wanted to pay the bill off and not think about it. Along with the tension though I had deep knowingness that I need to do (and release) everything I can to resolve this, otherwise the tension will still hide within me to manifest yet again.  Elvira helped me process all the unconscious fear related to dealing with authorities as well as forgiving myself for whatever I was judging me for. I processed and released emotions with her, gathered paper work for a few weeks and my tax bill decreased to $996. The more things you work through the stronger you become and you know you can handle it all.

It is hard for me to convey how much I gained from one year of coaching in one testimonial. If you want to know your potential, if you want to know how exciting life can be no matter what happens, I would recommend working with Elvira." ~Kamila, USA

Clairity in Business, Family Relationships Improved - Years of Blocks  and Patterns Released
I cannot recommend working with Elvira highly enough. She is a very skilled practitioner who uses elegant, insightful questions to help release years of blocks and conditioned thinking patterns. I was amazed at the speed of this work and at how free light and different I felt after the session. The sessions with her helped me to feel  unstuck because suddenly the excuses I had been giving myself didn't exist anymore and I could move forward with ease. She is kind, understanding and empathic and it is a pleasure working with her. If you are wondering...all I can say is "Just do it!"  ~U, Sweden

Gaining Full Time Employment, Self-Confidence - Life Transformed into Happiness
Don't delay,  just contact Elvira now - yes! She's just that good!
If you are ready to make a positive change in your consciousness, then choose Elvira - she is an EXCELLENT facilitator for your growth!

Elvira, with her knowledge, compassion, perceptiveness, and her "beingness" saved me - I had felt dense, lethargic and completely unmotivated.   Elvira used her strengths and intuition to guide me to a place of light n love as well as laughter n happiness!  I contacted her as I couldn't figure out (lol!) how to release on my own. I had no idea that my life could be this happy! The things and coincidences that have occurred since communicating with Elvira had always seemed out of my reach.  Now life just flows! I even "released" 16lbs of body weight over 2 months without much effort or thought - Elvira guided me to release on my "pudginess" only once. I still have more goals to conquer and The Sedona Method and Elvira's coaching will get me there! If anything here resonates with you, then  let Elvira facilitate your journey to your beingness - you will be amazed! ~Laurie Treble, Ontario, Canada

Women's Empowerment, Emotional and Physical Pain, Letting Go of Past Events
Elvira taught me the most amazing and quickest way which helps me let go of strong emotions and dissolve pain. I don't use painkillers for headache, stomach or back pain anymore. Also practicing her techniques allows me to experience beingness and wholeness more often during the day. Thank you Elvira for sharing this wisdom and for dedicating your life to help others. ~Monika, UK

Regaining Family Connections, Clarity on and Return to the Career in Writing - Deep Money Issues
I came to Elvira with deep money issues.  I could not receive money and i felt insecure abd guilty. I had so many issues about receiving and i wasnt confident to go to big companies through just 1 session with Elvira i got the confidence to write 2 huge companies.  1 said keep in touch. The other one was interesting cause i firstly got a standard email. I was adamont about getting to the head person and i did finally get to the head person. I wouldnt have had the confidence without Elviras help.  

Elvira helped me with confidence, being persistent and feeling confident to do that.  My fears subsided.  My psychic and animal communication abilities opened back up through Elvira guiding me to channel a horse again. What u dont know i went from being blocked and scared to use my abilities to being confident open and unblocked and able to use my abilities.  Elvira helped me with my message about what i offer.  She helped me feel calm and at peace and connected to clients and i do feel i can ask for money now and i couldnt until i was with Elvira.  I feel freer. They were drilling outside my door they were gone in the midst of our session peace happened the drillers left.  I feel open to tge universe now and i feel like i can finally live out my purpose and i went from not being able to to feeling like now its possible and i have been blocked 10 years. I did many other sessions with other people but Elvira helped me really move mountains in 4 sessions.  I highly recommend Elvira ~S, USA

Lady Pilot Performs Perfect Landings, Upgrades from Small Plane to Cargo Plane to International Passenger Plane - Performance at Work in Critical Times
"I was recommended to see Elvira by my GP for acupuncture for my sore back about seven years ago. I feel very fortunate to have been given that connection as I don’t think I would have got where I have today without Elvira’s help. I had recently gone back to work as a pilot after the birth of my first child and was working in a particularly stressful environment flying freight in bad weather with long hours and was to soon undertake training for my first job with an airline after having studied and built up my flying hours for many years. 

It certainly was the most challenging period of my life. I had to undertake training with difficult personalities, social bias towards a new mum training as an airline pilot and the expectations to perform at a high standard demanded by the airline, perhaps at an even higher standard than the men to overcome prejudice. I hadn’t really experienced failure before as I had always passed my tests in my previous schooling and in the eleven years of aviation training and testing that I had already undertaken.  However, it was soon clear that after stumbling over a couple of tests, the new airline I was working for didn’t take this lightly and after a meeting with my manager, I was given one more chance of passing my final test to ensure the job that I had worked towards for so many years. Elvira was following me along this path when I first met her and she stepped in to help me out of the spot I was in.  I remember her telling me she could help. 

She just needed some time with me, a few sessions to work through everything on my mind. I trusted Elvira and let her help me. Elvira helps you clear all the emotion out of the way so you can see things on an analytical level and perform with precision. She turns things around so you can see things from a different perspective and laugh at the things which once caused you pain. She brings to the forefront, the things that are troubling you most and standing in the way of your success.  She washes them away so you are able to see clearly and achieve your goals with confidence. I went on to pass that final test to a high standard and I remember enjoying it in a way that I have never experienced in a flight examination. 

Elvira has taught me so much and I am able to incorporate her methods into my everyday life and work. She has continued to help me over the years and I have continued to have success at work and have recently moved on to fly larger aircraft on international routes with a major Australian airline. The training was difficult and Elvira offered her help. I almost picked up the phone many times throughout the training but decided to practice applying her techniques on my own. However, for the final test at the end, I could feel the pressure building up and I wanted to pass the exam well. Elvira patiently sat with me and helped me to identify all the self-imposed blocks that were in my way and just like magic, washed them away or turned them around into funny positives.

​She makes you realise you are harder on yourself than anyone else and helps you put things into perspective. She helps you get along with other people and form good relationships. When the oceans get rough, she shows you how to ride the wave with a smile. I  have never met anyone quite like Elvira who is so capable and talented at coaching you towards your goals. I wish I could have a daily meeting with her so I could be assured of performing that well everyday!  In the interests of world peace, I also wish the whole world could have an Elvira to do the same!  I think a lot of the time, people are not willing to admit that what is holding them back is themselves but Elvira makes that realisation much less scary, so she can take you where you want to go!  Thank you Elvira."  ~Zoe, Australia

Client Regained Relationship with Husband, Sold Business to Start New Ventures, Physical Pain Gone

El is standing by my side from the early days we moved to Australia and she always appears when a big thing happen in my life. Thanks to her I have been introduced to philosophy,  Qi-gong, meditation, Dee Why Beach, Art, mind methods and I am sure the list will go on till I die! El kindness, love and dedication opened doors to my self realisation journey and I am extremely grateful to have her in my life.

Mind methods or I like to call it “Release&Let Go” was introduced to me by El about 10 years ago but that time I had no space in my life to pay attention to it so we met again last year when my life looked like a dream but only from outside - my mind was dark and soul lost. Me and El met after a long time in a coffee shop and this time my receptors were fully switched when El told me about mind methods again and with no hesitation offered to re-introduce us again and mentor me through the process. Not only she made it very easy and clear to understand the method but she provided 24 hours support face to face or via media. I followed the instructions, and every time I met with El in person her intuition lead me to an unexpected and unplanned release that cleared my mind and lifted my spirit. To my amazement it took me/us only few sessions to reconnected and rebalanced my mind, soul and body but more importantly the method it is so unbelievably easy so I can do it any day or minute myself! And when its easy to learn it is easy to use and even more easy to keep! With mind methods Elvira taught me I feel free under any circumstances.

So what has changed so much? Nothing but everything! What I mean by “Nothing” is that I live my life as I did before, with my husband, two kids, family, friends, responsibility, good days and bad days. “Everything” applies to Me and the way I respond to events in my life. I am aware how NOT to get hooked to every emotion and expectation that my life throws at me - good or bad! When it comes it’s here and that is a fact, there is no way to erase it or push it way the only way is to welcome it, accept it and release it free! That way I am free too and what more to wish for 😉

It is like being a fish that swims and see the bait but instead of getting hooked it looks at it, acknowledges it and freely swims around it. The freedom is all her cares about and all that matters to her. 
~Zuzana, Australia

Women Empowerment, Goals, Clearing Stress - Stronger And In A Better Place For Life And Work
First of  all I want to thank Elvira for helping me put my life back in place . I was in bad relationship and I was totally controlled by my ex . Elvira taught me how to let go and to relax and change my beliefs . It was so easy process because she is a master therapist  and wonderful artist . 
She used excellent methods. She worked with me on my goals . It was a bliss working  with her . I remember calling her many times ,  panicking about my ex emotional abuse , she would take my calls and do a session with me  and I told woild feel  so powerful after that .

I am so grateful to Elvira for helping me become stronger , not afraid of bullies anymore . Now I am stronger than I used to be and I am in much better  place than I use to be . Thank you so much Elvira . I will continue calling you anytime I need help . 
~N, Ireland

Great Achievement of Relationship with Parents, Pursuit of Business, of Personal Relationship, Restart of Beloved Hobby - Freedom in Relationships
I started releasing my on my goals, emotions and patterns with Elvira when she offered her support after I identified my weaknesses to achieve my goals. I trusted her And it was great decision. She helps me to stay on track and keep momentum. I had many gains through work with her, one of them is freedom in my relations., as well as consistency in releasing, coming back to the same topic I love it. ~Sebastian, Poland