Sports Performance - Focus on Cricket

Sports Performance - Focus on Cricket

Needs of Cricket Players

Fear of failure, performance anxiety and panic are all due to the inability to relax and logically view the situation.

Cricketers in all disciplines will benefit from the improved Focus. It is the integral ingredient for success in all areas of endeavour. Freedom from stress, fear or worry is a coveted mental state. A calm mind is a performance ready mind. We are seeking to create a quiet mind where mind and body are in tune, ready to act in synchrony.

Mental Toughness is really about being able to keep one’s focus and hold one’s skills together under pressure.
Quiet Mind is the center of this, in keeping one’s mind quiet one can focus without distraction, one can execute their skills without muscle tension caused by anxiety. Too much stress in cricket and lives impacts negatively on player’s performance, in the short term it leads to a distracted focus and busy mind, in the long term it can lead to illness and injury.

I would be delighted to work with the players in the following specific areas:

  1. Winner’s mindset
  2. Greater teamwork and team spirit
  3. Freedom from stress, fear or worry, peaceful mental state
  4. Mental toughness 
  5. Development of calm mind and stillness of the body
  6. Ability to relax and view situation logically
  7. Mental stamina for the long duration of the game
  8. Manage emotions properly - fear of failure, performance anxiety, etc.
  9. Overcome past negative imagery and feelings of experiences of failures
  10. Management of perceptions of what one doesn’t want to happen - avoidance of failure tension
  11. Improved focus
  12. Overcoming emotional barriers with specific aspects of holding a ball/bat, letting go of emotional aspect linked with injuries and reduced confidence due to injuries, clearing resentment to the opposing team players frequently faced with again and again, by eliminating anxiety, fear and resentment out of the game

What is left? Ease, Flow, Courage.

I would be delighted to meet you for a further discussion. I am always available on WhatsApp and other messengers on +61 412 166 166

Elvira Byrnes - Breakthrough Performance Coach


I am an Australian life coach specialising in individual breakthroughs. I have full confidence in my techniques, training, abilities and experience. 

I help people overcome their limitations and achieve their goals. Limitations of mental scope I work with include - releasing past memories and traumas, overcome fears and phobias, releasing aversions and anger, removing unhelpful perceptions and conditioning. 

For this I am trained in 3 most powerful techniques in the world, and I use primarily the technique called Open Focus discovered and developed by Professor Les Fehmi, a physicist and a psychologist of Princeton Biofeedback Centre at Princeton 40 years ago. I was trained personally by his wife and partner Susan Fehmi who has been training individuals together with Les over the past 40 years. The techniques I am using have been tested and proven over the past 40 years. 

They consist of mental exercises to move the individual from the high beta brain waves of stress to synchronous alpha waves where the stress and negativity and sickness are dissolved by the brain and nervous system itself. This leads to increased performance, increased ease of perception, clearing of all the past negative experiences, and allows someone who is an athlete, or anybody else, to achieve their goals.

My sessions are very meditative and deeply relaxing, yet targeted very specifically on removing specific events memories and their corresponding stress in the body and help release it forever till they fade and remain just memories without any emotional charge on them, as well as any negative, fearful perceptions and their byproducts as bodily tension to enable future success and flow. I help flush all mental emotional baggage that blocks, impedes and doesn’t serve to achieve goals and reach success by utilising various techniques and being a navigator for the person, while they remain the expert on knowing about themselves and their craft and enabling them to reach new heights.

It has taken me around 20 years to come to my abilities and experience, and I believe what I offer is cutting edge.

I understand that the winner’s mindset is very important. I can help clear all unhelpful perceptions and fears towards goal achievement. I also understand that the following areas are important: mental toughness and strong nerves to win, mental improvement of confidence to have a winning mindset, fear of what if we don’t do well, fear of losing, handling stressful situations and performance pressure, learning from mistakes, intuition, critical thinking and positive attitude, going from good to great.  

I am confident to say that even after one session with me nobody stays the same. Being a teacher and a coach is in my blood and in my education. Working with fear to overcome it  is my speciality. This was my chief focus working with an Australian international airline passenger pilot which resulted in the pilot's continued success and promotions by: focusing on removing mental hindrances for smooth transition from plane to plane where the instruments were changing and sometimes creating an opposite effect which created a lot of anxiety, removing fear to improving plane landing while being put under performance review, removing anxiety to pass plane simulator exams, removing fearful and tense perceptions of team members and moving towards great teamwork and respect. 
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